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Abraxas NYC

Vile blueberries sleep beside mustard covered glass withering with despair over the detritus of lost dreams and splintered bridges with seams torn asunder by fear, accusation, projection and the knowing that it is too often too easy ┬áto be alone … Continue reading

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Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive

We pursue or dismiss romantic possibilities based on our evaluation if someone can give us what we want. In my opinion, we usually do get what we want, even if we think otherwise. A long time ago I was involved … Continue reading

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Splinters in My Platform

Every day I come across hundreds of posts on the Web that speak to the necessity of establishing a platform and not deviating from it. Mine is relationships, and I address them via non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. There’s a school … Continue reading

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Independence Days

Tonight we had dinner outside at a local Greek restaurant, sitting in exactly the same spot as we did one year ago today, licking the last few walnuts off of the baklava fork as the sky darkened and the lights … Continue reading

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