Der Unbekannte

I never would have known

from your dark turtlenecks

and ebony car

and bat-like exits

that you would be the type

to tuck me in and fold the laundry

without me having to ask.

I never would have known

from your short sentences

that you’d know so many

seven letter words

and know exactly when

to use the x to seal my fate

and dispel my projections.

I never would have guessed

from your sleepy posture

that your laugh could startle the cats

and wake the dogs and

that you could perfectly slice a pear

and place it on the plate as precisely

as you cut angles for crown molding.

I never would have guessed

at how effortless it is

to begin each day

and end each night

with the same amount of syllables

spilling onto the flannel and books

of a life well-lived.

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  1. Carol Posthumus

    Obviously, a paean to Darryl — how nice!

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