What a Week!

This week has been pretty swell. My Huffington Post blog¬†http://www.huffingtonpost.com/debra-weiner/how-to-recognize-your-fut_b_933090.html¬†garnered over 1,000 comments and 3,701 “likes.”

I’m off to Las Vegas for the next ten days for the PAINWeek 2011 national conference. While LV doesn’t hold the same place in my heart as Rome or Berlin, it is a fun place to people watch, eat good food, and drink over-priced martinis. I will be posting a Part 2 to the mensch/shmuck blog, but not until I’ve had several of the aforementioned beverages and logged at least two days at the cabana.



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  1. Wow Debra, those comments read like a late night debate in a pub – provocative and wide-ranging. Defintiely an intriguing title, I’m sure it’s going to do well.

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