I’ve been feeling rather frustrated with myself that I haven’t been writing, blogging, or reading lately.

Part of the problem is the weather. It’s winter, and I just want to jump into my Land’s End red fleece robe the minute I come home. The other issue is simply distraction. This season, my number one distraction is playing Words with Friends (WFF). I realize that this is a lame excuse, but for me it has been as relaxing as an after dinner cigarette. But there is a co-pay. For months I couldn’t wait until Jo Nesbo’s The Leopard was released, and now that I have it on my Kindle, I’m only at 2% completion because of WFF.

However, an unexpected bit of inspiration came upon me after reading Luisa Weiss’ latest piece on her wonderful blog, The Wednesday Chef. So I’m back and ready to re-connect and share the three fairly interesting events that have occurred since my last post. They are as follows:

I somehow managed to get it together enough to write another piece for the HuffingtonPost, References for a Rabbi? . I’m now considering writing something on mothers-in-law, which could be a very controversial event in our family should that go forward. The other day I was lamenting that I haven’t kept a list of all the inappropriate things that my mother-in-law has said and done over the last decade. She is so amazingly good at topping herself. Each new emotional tsunami washes away the reconstructed remanent from the previous natural disaster, and we are left to focus on attending to our immediate survival needs.

The second sort of big thing that happened was that I was on The Daily Show  (segment begins at 11:25 on time code). There was a posting on our town website that invited people to contact them if they had any interesting stories reflecting their experience with the post office. So one night I dashed off a quick email to the producer and he responded saying that they were interested in coming out to shoot a segment with me. I didn’t come off as badly as I thought I might. The inside of our house looked pretty swell and Wyatt Cenac and the crew were a great deal of fun. It was the first (and hopefully last) time that I was referred to as ” a middle-aged suburban wigger mom.”

The third happening is the procurement of my new standing mixer, a shiny Kitchen Aid Pro 600. I have wanted one for a very long time, even though I am more of a cook than a baker. When I was younger, the Kitchen Aid symbolized something grown-up; a right of passage that somehow eluded me. Now I feel like I have crossed the threshold and plan on christening it tomorrow when I make a banana cake.

Speaking of cooking, this has been the second main distracton along with WFF. I’ve been obsessed with making caponata, the wonderfully savory, jammy, Sicilian eggplant dish. It won’t be easy, but I am really going to try to spend as much time wording as I do cooking.

Wish me luck!



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