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Distinguishing the Schmuck from the Mensch (Part 1)

The best way to avoid divorce, even before you get married, is to understand the difference between a shmuck and a mensch and how the former can often impersonate the latter and wreak unnecessary havoc in your life. There are … Continue reading


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Der Unbekannte

I never would have known from your dark turtlenecks and ebony car and bat-like exits that you would be the type to tuck me in and fold the laundry without me having to ask. I never would have known from … Continue reading

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Abraxas NYC

Vile blueberries sleep beside mustard covered glass withering with despair over the detritus of lost dreams and splintered bridges with seams torn asunder by fear, accusation, projection and the knowing that it is too often too easy ┬áto be alone … Continue reading

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